MONDAY – 6.15-7.00pm

A take on the popular ‘Kettlercise’, using just one piece of equipment, this class will transform your whole body. Various weights to suit abilities and progression.

-All equipment will be sanitised before & after each session to ensure safe practice.

16 Spaces per class, bring your own or borrow our kettlebells (3kg-10kg range).

£5 PAYG (Booking is required online).


WEDNESDAY – 6.30-7.15pm                   FRIDAY- 6.30-7.15pm 

-High energy, varied stations that targets all elements of fitness, (power, speed, core, strength, plyometrics).

-Timed, self-paced stations, there is no limit on how many reps you do per station!

Equipment will be sanitised before, during & after each session.

£5 PAYG– (£4 U16 accompanied by an adult)(Online booking required).

SPINNING ONLINE CLASSES– (Livestream and Pre Recorded)

These online classes are destined to give you the ultimate cardio workout!

35-45minutes of low impact, high cardiovascular activity, blending power and strength with high energy/ lactate building reps.

They are suitable for those who may struggle with weight bearing/ impact based training, or have come back from injury.


*Due to Covid-19, we are currently RENTING 12 SPIN BIKES FOR £20/fortnight please email or text 07808 156200 to arrange *

JUMP FIT ONLINE CLASSES (Livestream and Pre Recorded)

The newest fitness craze has hit Barton! JumpFit, also known as <<BOUNCE>>, is the best way to get a total body workout whilst minimising impact and improving your core stability and lower limb strength. A great tool for those who may suffer joint issues and osteo-related illnesses. (Padding and a supportive bra may is advised)!

*Due to Covid-19, we are currently RENTING  14 TRAMPETTES FOR £20/fortnight please email or text 07808 156200 to arrange *



121 Training: £25

Pairs/ Group Training: £30*

*(over 4 incurs £5 pp additionally)

Based from the grounds of the Barton Football Club, you can get the most from a PT session by tailoring the sessions to your personal goals. Whether you are looking to tone up, lose weight, or even increase your current fitness/ performance; PT is an ideal solution to reach your target.

Home Personal Training sessions are also available adhering to the covid-19 guidelines.

Offers are made available to clubs and squads who wish to add an additional edge to their current training regimes. Please call or email to enquire further 07808156200