BOOTCAMP- 45mins



MONDAY- 7.30-8.15pm

THURSDAY- 6.30-7.15pm // 7.30-8.15pm

-High energy, varied stations that targets all elements of the body and fitness, (power, speed, core, strength)

-Self-paced for each station, no limit on how much you do per station, it’s down to you!

-OFFER: 1x session = £4, 2x sessions = £4 / £2 (cash on day for Thurs)




WEDNESDAY – 7.30-8.15pm

-Impact based class which uses pads/ glove work for toning and strength

-Paired workouts with stations additionally added to blend core/ ab work

- £4 (pre-booking required as limited slots/ equipment)

——————————————————————————————————————-NEW! KIDS SUMMER BOOTCAMPS


DATES: Wednesdays + Fridays; (1st, 3rd, 15th, 17th, 29th, 31st)


SESSIONS: 9-9.30am (3-5years) + 9.45-10.15am (6-9years)- We will most likely be longer than the session times slightly as kids do not run to timings (!) Plus we want everyone to benefit from all the stations and games too.

PRICE: £5 and siblings come for 1/2 price (see additional page for further information)



Barton Rovers FC, Sharpenhoe Rd, Barton-le-Clay, MK45 4LQ

barton rovers fc